History of Royd Ices

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Established 1889

History of Royd Ices

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Our history

The company stretches its roots back to around 1889 (exact date not known). The name, Royd Ices, was chosen due to the establishment of our premises in Mytholmroyd, known by locals as Royd for short. 
Starting off in a small premises as manufactures/retailers, the selling was done with the aid of horse and cart, later adding tricycles. The local streets of Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge, including a couple of pitches, is where it all began.
We are proud to say it’s still where the heart of the company is known and respected through generations and its good name still lives on.

Royd Ices through the years

Our development

Around 1931 the company continued to prosper in the hands of Mr Albert Mitchell, who took over and relocated the business to Stocks Estate, a larger premises giving him room to expand (present location to this day).

He, and in later years with his son Alan, ran a professional business respected throughout the industry.

Our future

Elio and his wife, Maria Manfredi, a young, recently married couple, bought into what was now a rapidly flourishing business in 1968.

At this stage they increased retail and introduced wholesaling. Today with goodwill, hard work and the help of their two sons, they find themselves having been awarded many awards.

They now have another 30,000sq feet location on Cragg road, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge and are one of the biggest employers within the village.

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